28 July to 2 August

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General game over the past week has been tremendous with dazzles of about 40 zebra being recorded and various stretches of giraffe numbering up to 15.The waterbuck numbers seem to have increased 10 fold due to the large amount of rain we managed to receive this past year. Impala are also doing tremendously well and with summer approaching and the first rains virtually around the corner, we are sure the impala numbers will swell even bigger with the new arrival of all the fawns.

Rhino numbers have also definitely increased with the arrival of winter, we are seeing a lot of rhino bulls moving in from the west of our traversing and they seem to be relaxing more and more as they spend more time with us. The large crash of six rhino is still around on Simbambili and provides all the guests with excellent rhino sightings on a daily basis.Elelphants are always abundant as they have been this week. With at least 3 to 4 herds moving into the waterhole around the lodge to get the water. Buffalo have also been great this week with 3 different herds moving onto the property during the week.

Leopards were great this week with one seen on every drive, Salayexe still has her two cubs which are doing fantastically well, Tyson was back making sure know body is around his turf, Mafunyane is still being the old man and doing as little as possible and Safari is also providing us with fantastic sightings.Thandi, Shadow and Ntema and also Mbilo were also seen making it a great week for leopards all round. There also has been a new young female about 5 years also moving into the area, she has probably moved this far north due to the fact that she is in oestrus and wants to mate with Tyson.

The 3 wild dog were again sighted on our traversing this week, but were moving at a rate of knots, the amount of distance that these 3 males cover is incredible, there are reports of the 3 being seen right down by the Sabi river next to Paul Kruger gate, and then the are also being seen as far North as the Manyeleti that means they could be covering an area of more than 60 hectares which is not unusual for wild dogs but that is still an amazing feet for any animal.

The lion sightings this week were mostly due to the presence of the Tsala pride, this pride is showing obvious signs of pressure from other lions within there area as they are spending a lot more time in our area, but the bulk of the territory is made of the property to the South of us. This is great for us as we are seeing the 3 females and cubs almost every second day.

The Two mapogos were also seen this week, but only stayed for the morning and afternoon and then were off. The pride also showed up for in the east of our traversing and provided the guests with great viewing of the cubs.

Until next week.

The Simbambili ranger team


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Thursday, 23 January 2020