28 December 08 to 03 Januarry 09

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First of all everyone at Simbambili would like to wish you all of the readers of our leopard diary a very Happy New Year. We Hope 2009 is a great year for everyone with many new guests and even more happy returns to Simbambili Game Lodge.

Our year ended with spectacular rainfall with a downpour on one night which was recorded at over 40mm!! The Manyeleti River came down in full flood and at times was close to 50m wide. All the rains have made the bush even more lush than normal.

Tyson, the adult male leopard in his prime is always a prized sighting and he was seen twice this week. On the first occasion he was seen sharing an impala kill with Salayexe, the young female and later on in the week moving south down the Marakene riverbed.

The two sisters, Thandi and Shadow who recently left their mother, Karula have also been seen often. Either on a kill or scent marking, trying to establish a new territory for themselves.

As always the territorial male Mafufenyane and the old female Safari have been seen marking their territory and hunting especially all the young animals that are around at the moment. Mafufunyane is still sporting an injured shoulder that he sustained in a fight with Tyson about two months ago. He is walking with a limp but looks to be doing just fine. He is a tough old character.

Lion sightings have been very good with two of the Mapogo brothers roaring in tandem right next to the vehicle one night.

As always the general game viewing has been excellent with lots of plains game like zebra and wildebeest around.

Regards The Simbambili Team


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